Saturday, November 24, 2012

Caching, Christmas Tree and Caleb's First Jeep Ride

Man, I'm getting good at this daily blogging thing... =)  Ha!

Yes, geo caching has become quite a frequent activity for our family. =)  Yesterday we did a cache on the Eglin range that was almost a mile walk Each way!   (There's a reason this cache hadn't been found for 11 months!)  It was a beautiful day though, and was nice to be out in the woods by ourselves.

The kids with the cache (it was well hidden!)

Keenan took this picture of us on the pretty path


Since yesterday was officially "after Thanksgiving" we put up the tree!   Since we got a good Black Friday deal on some white lights, I decided to spend a whopping additional $10 on some red and silver ornaments and do my first white light "grown up" tree this year.    I love it. =)

Christmas trees lit up in the dark make me So happy!

My 10K race is in one week, so today I had a 5 mile training run.   Philip and the kids (along with Jade and Eden who slept over) stopped at several points along my route to give me water and cheer me on!   So sweet!  I felt great after and definitely feel ready for 6.2 next week!  Woohoo!

Today I decided it was time that Caleb took his first ride in the Jeep!

He loved it!

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Mom W. said...

Love those grands!! That jeep sure is pink!!