Thursday, November 29, 2012

Strange Food

Well, I made my strangest food purchase in a while today at the Commissary! I saw these and was too curious to not buy them!
What!?  Seriously??  White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles??

I bought these, expecting that they would be white with red stripes, but no... they look deceptively like a regular Pringle!   I didn't really detect any white chocolate flavor, but the peppermint was quite strong... but oddly, not bad.   After chewing a few times, the mint flavor is gone and you're left with a regular, salty, potato chip flavor.   Strangest thing ever.

What's next, Pringles?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Still Here =)

Well,so much for the daily blogging streak. =)

Lots has been going on around here and then every evening as I'm heading to bed, I think, "Shoot!  I didn't blog today!"   Tonight I decided to stay up late and put something on here.

So... now that he's a ripe old one year old, I've FINALLY decided to buckle down and get Caleb to sleep through the night.  (I know, I know, I'm a big old softy and just haven't been able to let him cry).   Since he has still been waking up anywhere between 2 and SIX times a night... this Momma was starting to go a little crazy from sleep deprivation and decided something needed to change! =)   We've been working on it for four nights now and he's doing really well, walking up a lot less and getting good at settling himself back to sleep. =)  Yay!

He's also starting to take some steps!  Exciting stuff!

This is just a sweet picture of Moriah sleeping last night - I love how she has her arms wrapped around this Huge dog and her bunny at the same time =)

Sippin' some Sonic while waiting on friends during a morning of shopping today

Stay tuned... for the adventures of this little trouble maker in our house.... =)

Somebody got into the goldfish!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Caching, Christmas Tree and Caleb's First Jeep Ride

Man, I'm getting good at this daily blogging thing... =)  Ha!

Yes, geo caching has become quite a frequent activity for our family. =)  Yesterday we did a cache on the Eglin range that was almost a mile walk Each way!   (There's a reason this cache hadn't been found for 11 months!)  It was a beautiful day though, and was nice to be out in the woods by ourselves.

The kids with the cache (it was well hidden!)

Keenan took this picture of us on the pretty path


Since yesterday was officially "after Thanksgiving" we put up the tree!   Since we got a good Black Friday deal on some white lights, I decided to spend a whopping additional $10 on some red and silver ornaments and do my first white light "grown up" tree this year.    I love it. =)

Christmas trees lit up in the dark make me So happy!

My 10K race is in one week, so today I had a 5 mile training run.   Philip and the kids (along with Jade and Eden who slept over) stopped at several points along my route to give me water and cheer me on!   So sweet!  I felt great after and definitely feel ready for 6.2 next week!  Woohoo!

Today I decided it was time that Caleb took his first ride in the Jeep!

He loved it!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Trot!

Lots of people do fun runs on Thanksgiving day called "Turkey Trots" or something similar. We had never done one. Our friend, Terri, decided to organize a small one and invited us. It was super fun!

It's a good way to burn off at least some of the calories that you're going to consume later in the day... =)

Everyone at the start line

The kids hung out with Terri while the adults ran the 2.4-ish mile course (or so we thought!)

Ready with confetti to throw at the finishers

That's Rebekah and I in the distance (we got soo lost and ended up running an extra half mile!)

Philip finishing with Caleb in the stroller

Time for the Kid's Run!

All the kids ready to go

...and they're off!  (I Love how Moriah is in the air here!)

...another mid air shot of my happy runner!  She did so well! =)

Keenan rocked it!   He ran .3 miles in 2 minutes and 20 seconds!

Terri made shirts for Everyone!!

Keenan and Moriah modeling their shirts
(I have no idea what is up with Moriah's face here)

Thank you, Terri, for organizing this for all of us!  We hope it will be an annual tradition! =)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving day! The proof is in the fact that there was so much awesomeness going on that I forgot to take very many pictures!

The day started out with a Turkey Trot run, put on by our friends, Terri and Steve (no pictures from that here yet, because I'm hoping to get some of Terri's to add to mine and I'll post about that later).   Very fun!

After the run, we went home, made the green bean casserole, jumped in the shower, changed, and raced out the door to Kevin and Alaina's house.  They hosted us and four other families for Thanksgiving dinner!   Everyone brought food, and the weather was gorgeous so we were all able to eat at one huge table outside!  It. Was. Perfect.

Alaina let me do some of the table decorating...

For the adults place cards I cut out brown paper leaves and did the names in calligraphy

A shot down the table

The kids got little acorn place cards (here's a girl one)

... and here's a boy one (along with one of the corn/candle/raffia hurricane glasses)

The kids and Grandpa Gray with the play house
(they played outside all. day.)

I'm glad I dressed Caleb in heavy duty jean overalls, since he scooted ALL over the yard!

The long table

Philip and I played crocket and for about five minutes Moriah decided she wanted to play too =)

Kevin and the kids heading off for a hike in the woods

Moriah, Judah and Vivi playing babies

Moriah, seconds after dropping her pumpkin pie and watching Ella (who is a smart dog and had been waiting) gobble it up

I love this picture of Caleb being sweet with Devn and Melissa
(especially since their baby #3, a boy is on the way!)

We had tons of A-Mazing food, lots of good laughs, plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and.. after it got dark, a bonfire and singing with guitars!   How blessed we are...

Thank you, Alaina and Kevin for hosting us all (for the WHOLE day!) and for being such great friends!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Boots

Time to continue the tradition! Today was Caleb's turn to have his picture taken in the boot planters over at Myrtle's house. =)

All three of my cuties

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kid happenings

Here are some pictures of what's been going on with our sweet kids lately...

Keenan and Moriah playing a new memory game from Grandma W =)

I thought it would be funny to make them "chalk hair".. they loved it!

Geocaching on a beautiful trail...

I love that Philip and Keenan are both in Michigan gear

Philip and Caleb at the cache

The kids and I had a picnic at the park with Rebekah and her kids today...

Caleb is getting soo independent, even without walking!

There's even a slide he can go down by himself

Too sweet for words
(yes, his snaps bust open) =)

Cute picture of all the kids at the top of the slides

Soo determined to climb up here like a big kid! =)

Caleb and Joel, four months apart

My little lady =)
(Much like her Mommy was)

Keenan climbing on and over anything in his path

Love this girl!

We bought Spunky a new bed today.  It is sooo soft!!

As soon as I set it down, Caleb immediately climbed in! =)

Spunky- "Hey dude, this is My bed.."

Caleb - "Well, it seems that we both fit quite nicely"

Spunky - "You're right, here let me kiss you" =)