Saturday, October 13, 2012

Trying to catch up on the past couple of days before I get an overload of pictures and family memories this week back home to blog about.

Caleb is getting more mobile every day!   Though he has still not crawled, he is up and starting to take some serious steps with this toy!
Look Mom, one hand!

The kids and I got to take advantage of a FREE Sesame Street Live production on base, put on by the USO!

Waiting for the show to start, playing with their FREE spinny, light up toys!

The crowd went Wild when Elmo came out!

So fun!

"Katie" (sad because her family is moving to a new base)...

Followed by Lots of songs about keeping in touch with your friends, making new ones, and how to make the blues go away =)

What a fun morning!

Caleb being hilarious
(He scooted over to the wall, stood up, turned himself around and just stood there with his back to the wall like he was a big kid!  Sooo funny! =)

The rest of the gang getting in on it

We had a Wonderful week with Nathan and Laura here!   They left yesterday... =0/

What a good looking couple!

How you livin', girl?

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Mom E said...

That is so interesting how they did a Sesame St show and catered it to the needs of the military kids!! Very special. So glad you got to spend time with your friends too. That always means so much. (and by golly, I think I'm caught up again!) lol.