Thursday, October 11, 2012

Riah's Bean and the Egg Experiment

Since we sprouted a bean and then planted it for Keenan, Moriah wanted to do one too. This time I decided to document the process:

Here's her bean 

(not sure what kind it is, I took it out of a counting/sorting activity bag)

We put it in a mason jar, nestled in damp paper towel and set it in the sunshine...

A couple days later

Beside Keenan's bean plant

Look how much it grew!

Sprouting roots and leaves!

Practically climbing out of the jar

... and finally planted in a pot =)

Here's an egg experiment that we did with our home school group and then did our own at home:

 You start with a mason jar, an egg and vinegar

1.  Cover the egg with vinegar

 2. Watch bubbles start to form on the egg
(This is a result of the calcium carbonate in the shell being dissolved by the acetic acid in the vinegar.)

 3. Wait for two days.

 4.  Notice that the shell is completely dissolved and the egg has swollen!

 Why?  Because the water moved through the cell membrane because of the higher concentration of solutes inside the egg.   This demonstrates semi-permiability since the water could move through the cell membrane, but the egg yolk could not come out.


Mom W. said...

Cool, pickled egg?

Looks kind of like a lima bean!!

Mom E said...

You learn so much homeschooling don't you? very cool.