Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nathan and Laura's visit - 2012 (part one)

My awesome friend, Laura, and her husband, Nathan are here again! They were some of our first visitors back in 2007 when we first moved here, and Laura has come twice by herself since then. It's nice to have the two of them back. =)

Laura may well be more excited to see Spunky than any of the rest of us, but I try not to let it hurt my feelings. =)

Playing with the lego pirate ship

Laura loving on Spunky =)

...and Caleb

Nathan getting in on the love

So sweet

I didn't intentionally cut Nathan out here (sorry, Nathan!), I was mainly trying to get Spunky trying to be a lap dog =)

Canadian Thanksgiving:

Dinner this year was a little different, since we tried to incorporate some vegan dishes... It made for some comic relief (later in the day, not at the time). =)   Myrtle joined us for the meal. 

Gorgeous leaves, imported from Ontario for our table!

I love this picture of them!

Keenan took this for us
(Not a particularly great one of us, but at least our dinner was documented).

Next up, jet skiing!  A first for Nathan and Laura - who were naturals!

I took them out first (and behaved myself so I didn't scare them off)

Then they headed out on their own...

Doesn't Laura look thrilled? =)

Safely back

Expert first time driver

Still smiling as they disembark

Tonight we went out for a double date, thanks to Josh and Rebekah for babysitting!

All four of us


Aunt Heather said...

And can you believe that you have to have a license to drive one of these in Ontario?!

Mom W. said...

Very cool, Nathan and Laura look great!! So glad they could visit. A vegan Thanksgiving, interesting!!