Thursday, October 25, 2012

Michigan... and We're Home (for five days already)

My mom is getting on me about not posting yet, so here I am...

Before we left Michigan, we stocked up on some new Michigan gear for the kids and I... and found these super awesome Michigan pop tarts to eat for breakfast the morning of game day!!

How cool is this??

Aunt Mary reading the kids a story while Philip and I packed up

Caleb discovered (and mastered) stairs while we were at Aunt Mary's!

Game Day!!

All wearing Blue and Gold

That night at the hotel
(Philip took the big kids for a swim and Caleb crawled around the workout room while I did a treadmill run)

Geocaching on Sunday morning

We found it!

Our third in the "Cache Across America" set

We passed this house (mansion/castle?) on our way... WOW!!

Almost home.. cotton fields!

I just can't get over how soft it is!

I have No idea why my shirt looks like it could fit two of me in there...

We got home early evening on Sunday and unloaded and then Moriah and I unpacked and got the laundry started while Philip and Keenan went grocery shopping.  Then we treated ourselves to DQ. =)

It has been a busy week with catching up on laundry, school, MOPS and chasing after the ever more independent Caleb!  =)

Here's our sweet stinker in the bathtub =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

Is that mansion in Alabama? We passed a couple like that on our way to your house. I remember because they seemed a little out of place :) I'm glad you're home safely. Thanks so much for making the long trip up here!

Joia said...

Rebekah, this mansion was in Tennessee, but yes, Alabama Does have some huge ones, too! =)

The trip, though crazy, is ALWAYS totally worth it!

Mom W. said...

Thank you.

Whew, I feel better... you didn't have to tell everybody! =)

Love that little bathtub stinker!!

Dawn Hudson said...

Doesn't it make you wonder just who lives there and what their life might be like. Huge house.

Mom E said...

Being the Only Wolverine in my house (Isaac goes to the 'dark side' more often than to my side) it was nice to see all the blue and maize! Maureen got me some of those pop tarts when I was in MI. Too bad we missed each other up there by just a few days! Loved all the photos esp the one with Caleb and bubbles on his head! :) Love you.