Friday, October 19, 2012

Happenings in Michigan

We left my parent's house on Wednesday morning.  Before heading to Michigan, we stopped by Ada's MOPS group, where I had been invited to speak on "The Importance of Friendships as a Mom and Maintaining Those Friendships".   It was an honor to be asked and I hope that what I had to share was helpful to the other moms.   Thanks, Ada!

We arrived at Aunt Mary and Uncle Ty's around 3:30.   It was Gorgeous out...

Caleb playing in the leaves

The kids posing with the pumpkins Aunt Mary had left out for them with their names on them

Sweet boy

Keenan checking out the neighbor's huge spider web

Aunt Mary's mums are Gorgeous!!

Aaahh, Michigan in the fall

What we've been doing the last couple of days:
Spending time with family
Watching the Tigers beat the Yankees to go to the World Series!

"Cowboy Cookie" jar mix
(Part of my gift from the MOPS group)

Moriah and I made them yesterday afternoon and they were Awesome!

Tonight we had dinner with Anthony and Melissa, our oldest and closest Michigan couple friends.   We all met when Philip and Anthony were in med school, went to each other's weddings,  and now each have three kids!    We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, but are able to pick right up where we left off each time!    This visit we got to meet their youngest, sweet baby Ellie, for the first time!

Sweet sleeping baby

Caleb checking her out

Keenan and Moriah Loved dressing up with Nino and Maddie!

A (blurry) picture of all of us

Moriah and Maddie
(Oh, how I wish these two lived closer together!)

All the boys

Melissa and I

Caleb on Daddy's shoulders

Tomorrow morning we head for home!   What a busy, jam packed, wonderful week of memories it has been!


Hannah said...

safe travels Joia and Phillip! We should catch up next time you're over! Lots happened since our last visit:):)

Mom W. said...

Fun pictures, so good to see the Monacos!!!

Safe travels!!

Mom W. said...

Fun pictures, so good to see the Monacos!!!

Safe travels!!

Mom E said...

Love Michigan in the fall. Miss Michigan in the fall. Miss you guys too. Didn't realize you were probably traveling when I was texting yesterday. Love you.