Thursday, October 18, 2012

Geocaching in Ontario

Philip, along with various other participants, found  five geocaches while we were in Ontario.

On Monday, he and my dad took Keenan and Moriah and their three cousins (who had slept over the night before) out geocaching...   They had never heard of it before.

The kids with all their treasures

They dropped a few kids back at the house and he and my dad and Mika and Kyla went back out for some more...

Kyla in the pretty woods

My dad and his oldest granddaughter, Mika

On Tuesday afternoon, Philip, Mark and Keenan went out.    This was Mark's first time geocaching, and I think he's hooked now, just like Philip =)

Mark and Keenan down in a fort looking around

I love this picture of them in front of the huge tree

Philip and Keenan in front of another cache

This one was soo well hidden, inside of a fallen log, with a spot carved out for the cache to fit in!  (The first of a three stage cache)

This is the third stage, hidden in a bird house with a false front!

That evening, we did an adults only cache...

Philip, Rob, my Dad, Rebekah and Mark

Rebekah's first find
(Here we picked up a "Travel Bug", an item with a special tag that people move from cache to cache and log it online so the original owner can see where it travels to.  We will take it home to Florida with us and see where it goes from there!)

Mark and Rebekah on a cute little bridge

Me and the Geocaching Boss


Mom E said...

Love. Oh, this is your blog not FB. OK, well "love" anyway! I So want to do geocaching too someday.

Mom W. said...

Fun times... miss you guys!!