Thursday, October 4, 2012

Five Alive

Devin and Melissa are out of town at a conference this weekend, so we are watching Jade and Eden for part of the time, which made today... Five Kid Thursday!

They were all up, bright and early at 6:30, raring to go! =)

I had a plan for the day, which kept us busy and having fun!

First up, crafts!

Starting a fall tree painting





All finished!

White feet (after I painted them for a cute ghost craft)

Here they all are with their finished masterpieces!

Next, they had snack and played outside while Caleb napped and I took a shower.  Then we went on base to take Philip his lunch and headed to McDonald's for lunch.  (Since McDonald's has $2.99 kid's meals on Thursdays, we all ate for $15!)

Happy to have their own table

Caleb double fisting the french fries =)

They played in the play place for quite a while and I got to relax, sipping my coke and catching up on Facebook on my laptop.    Then we left and went through the drive through for ice cream cones.

We went home, took a breather, got drinks, and headed back out to the park on base for the bi-weekly homeschool family park playdate.   It was fun, I met a couple of new people and the kids had a great time.   Moriah did the monkey bars all by herself!

Super happy guy in the grass
(Who, by the way, did his first unsupported stand today!)

We stopped at the Commissary on the way home to grab some pizzas for dinner...

The kids LOVED this huge (rather impressive) creation made out of cases of pop

They also liked the pumpkin display...

... and the little "pumpkin patch" out front

Sooo sunny!

After dinner, I left Caleb home with (a very tired, post call) Philip and we went to Jade's soccer practice.

Eden and Keenan started play wrestling and I captured these hilarious moments and they tumbled and pushed and giggled and smiled the whole time!


When we got home, they all got into their jammies and we had chocolate milk and pretzels dipped in peanut butter before bed.  

Jade spelled his name with pretzels =)

Once they settled and stopped whispering and giggling, they were Out!  What a day! =)

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Busy, fun day!!