Thursday, October 18, 2012


On Tuesday, most of us went to Clovermead Apiaries for the morning. What a fun place for the kids (and adults, too!)

The pretty entrance
(That sign says this place is home to about 24 million bees!)

Pretty pumpkins

These particular (live) bees were actually behind glass, right in the restroom!  A little unnerving... =)

This adorable cat kept showing up everywhere!

Keenan and Mika

Coming out of the train

Kyla riding the rooster

Petting a calf

Grandpa pushing Shaelyn on the rope swing

Riah on the rooster

My sweet honey bee

Keenan's favorite part:  The pedal carts!

Mika taking Moriah for a ride


My turn!

Tim managed to pop a wheelie!

Soo fun!

Moriah on the tricycle track

On a super old tractor

Watching the goat up on the 
Moriah petting a cute one

Me getting Almost close enough for a kiss (I didn't want to get my face bitten off!)

Time for the zip line!

Moriah and Brayden

Moriah was so brave!

Kyla coming out of the black hole!

Trying on an antler for size

Keenan and Moriah on the huge bouncy blob

They had funny pumpkin people all over, protesting various things =)

The zip line, Tim style =)

Keenan catapulting a walnut

Shaelyn and the sweet cat

Rubber ducky races!

True enough

Moriah riding the Wild Bee

An old threshing machine

Happy girl

My turn!

Philip not cooperating for the picture

Keenan being chased across the bales by Grandpa

All of us that went

Tim on the little kid's digging toy =)

Moriah on a horse

Keenan on the rope swing

What a fun time was had by all!  Thanks, Ada, for suggesting it!


Mom W. said...

Caleb and I had fun too... with Steph and her girls - and boy!! So glad it was a fun time!!!!

Mom E said...

Oh my goodness, this place is amazing. I couldn't believe all the things there were to do there. Isaac was reading over my shoulder and was jealous that he wasn't there. :) I was envious of the fact that it was cold enough for jackets!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love your pictures :) Could you send me the one of everyone that was there? I like that one a lot. Thanks! Hope you're enjoying your time in Michigan!
Love you,
Rebekah :)

Anonymous said...

I have been by that place numerous times but never realized how much stuff was there!! Looks like you guys had a blast!