Sunday, October 7, 2012

Caleb is Eleven Months Old!

What?? First birthday party time is in One month?? How can this be?

Our sweet littlest chunker is growing up so fast!

Smiley, smiley

Haha!  I LOVE this picture!!

A boy and his dog

Caleb still isn't crawling (though he scoots around pretty quickly). He gets into EVERYTHING and just today, started walking around with a push toy!


Grandma E said...

Happy 11 mos birthday, Caleb! Hard to believe that you are going to be ONE year old already!! I wish I could kiss and squeeze those wonderful squishy cheeks you have! sigh... please ask your mommy to do that for me, ok? I love you, Gr'ma

Mom W. said...

Josh isn't walking yet either, but he can and has taken a few steps, but he would rather scoot!! Funny guys!! (of course he is way older than Caleb too) Don't rush him, once he does... well, you know what is next!! He is way cute!!