Monday, September 24, 2012

There's Not Much I Like More...

...than taking pictures of our family!

This first one was actually taken by Devin the other night...

Headed out for an anniversary date a few days early

I talked Philip into heading on base to the pretty picnic area that the kids and I went to yesterday so we could get some new family pictures (as well as some for our anniversary tomorrow).    He is Not a fan of pictures, but knows how happy it makes me, so he agreed. =)

Our three precious kids

Love this one!

Just about a perfect family shot =)

The boys

The girls

I Love this park!  (It's where we'll be having Caleb's birthday party)

Smiley dudes


Anonymous said...

Love all of these new pictures. Did you take them with a timer? As usual, you're an awesome photographer :)

Love Rebekah :)

Joia said...

Yes, Rebekah, timer and my trusty tripod. =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, Joia!

Mom W. said...

Good job, your kids are incredibly cooperative!! LOVE the pictures, would love some prints to update my frames!!

Mom E said...

Ditto to your mom's comment. :)