Saturday, September 22, 2012

Random September Fun


Pumpkins were the plan, but Caleb isn't quite old enough, so he got the ole' "paint in a ziplock bag" to play with...

What is This??

Moriah hard at work

Figuring it out!

The kids asked me to draw on their pumpkins and then they painted them in

Being ever so careful

Two cute faces

Proud artist

All done!
(Yes, it's early in the season, there will likely be many more pumpkins decorated in various ways in our house over the next couple of months)

Skits looking all sleepy and cute in the sun

Moriah and I with our scarves I made out of t shirts
Tutorial here

Yesterday we met up with a few military homeschool families at the park on base.  It was fun!

Eden and Moriah looking adorable

I think this may have been Caleb's firs time in a swing - and he Loved it!

The three year old beside him is also named Caleb!

Swinging Sweetie


It was so cute, how he sat with his feet in the swing

They wanted to have their picture taken on this rock on the way out of the park =)


Mom W. said...

Nice painting guys, I like Caleb's no mess way =/

Mom E said...

Very cool paint in a zip loc...would've never thought of that. cute pics of kids too.