Monday, September 17, 2012

Rainy Day Water Fun

It has been an incredibly rainy day today. When we got back from grocery shopping, it was pouring down "safe rain" (the kind not accompanied by thunder and lightning). I told the kids they could change into their bathing suits and go out and play in it. Unfortunately, by the time they were ready, it had stopped raining! So... we headed to the front deck to play with the hose instead:

Caleb getting into the pails

That some water logged diaper! =)

Moriah spraying water for him to play with

Love these!

Keenan shaking the water out of his hair like a dog =)

Bucket hat!

A rainbow of water

Caleb loving on Keenan

A fun break in a busy, stressful, post vacation day!

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Mom E said...

cute pics! Looks refreshing.