Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jello Play dough/Cookies!

When I came across this recipe for Jello Cookies, there was No doubt I was going to try it.  Today was the day...

The awesome part?  You mix up the cookie dough, and then let the kids use it as "playdough" before rolling it into balls and baking it into cookies!

Out on the deck (with clean place mats and freshly washed hands)

Yummy playdough =)
(Yes, Alaina, that Is your bowl in the center!  I promise I'm giving it back!)

Moriah accidentally mixed some colors up =)

Sweet little hands

Playing with their food =)

Rolled in more jello crystals and ready to bake!

All done!

Here goes!

"Really?  I'm allowed to have this cookie??"

"I'm a BABY.  Should I be eating this??"

"Keenan, what do You think??"

"No, for real..."

All in all, a super fun activity!   Due to a couple unexpected changes in the recipe (I didn't have enough butter so had to take some of the flour back out of the bowl, etc...) our cookies didn't turn out being the Best cookies ever (but are fine with frosting and sprinkles!) but I assume that, when made exactly as the recipe calls for, they are great!


Mom W. said...

Fun captions for the pictures of Caleb Joia!!!

Mom E said...

LOL, LOL! I have missed your captions! Sooo funny.