Friday, September 21, 2012

Impromptu Field Trip

This morning I took the kids to a picnic area on base by the water. I hadn't been there since Keenan was a baby, and figured they'd enjoy running around and wading in the water.

We picked up lunch at the Commissary before hand and it turned into a picnic/field trip!

My sweet kids

While we were having lunch, we decided to see how many different moving things we could see, as well as different plants and flowers, etc..

Here are two of the three kinds of butterflies we spotted

Keenan was intrigued by the hole in this tree, so they decided to go check it out...
(I just told them not to stick their hands inside)

Looking inside to see if anyone is home
(they didn't see anyone)

Caleb's leaf

Poor kid is running a 103 fever today =0/

One of Moriah's finds - Not part of nature
(The kids also picked up a whole bunch of trash they found)

Some shells, two types of flowers and a leaf

This little guy is wearing some impressive natural camo!

I caught him peeking around the other side of the tree

Off to see what we can see

A squirrel

Keenan learned about Spanish moss

Up close

Heading down to the water

We sure live in a beautiful place

"Look, Keenan, a crab!"

There's the little guy inside

Sleepy boy

Looking for more treasures

Love this

They loved how this dried grass was so spongy on their feet

Posing (their own idea)

Pretty heron in flight

Sure doesn't feel like fall here!   It's 86 degrees and the kids just got out of the pool... =)


Mom W. said...

Fun field trip, good job Joia!!!

Mom E said...

And the most amazing did all this while Caleb had a 103 fever! Nothing stops you! ;)