Monday, September 17, 2012

Chicago Trip, Part One: Overview

 Here is a brief overview of the city and places that we went on our trip:

* Philip and I went to Chicago for a weekend back in medical school (when I was pregnant with Keenan).    It was winter and we had very little time, so we didn't get to see much then.  We saw a lot more this time, but with three kids along, it made for a very different trip, getting around the city by foot, bus and train! =)

 Yay, Chicago!

First stop:  The Willis (formerly Sears) tower.

 The kids and I on "The Ledge" one of the new glass boxes that sticks out from the 103rd floor of the skydeck!

 We saw a lot of this place =)

 Navy Pier

 The kids loved this!

 We rode the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

 We stayed at the Historic Palmer House hotel

 Had breakfast here

 Shedd Aquairium

 Beautiful Chicago River

 The Bean!

 I learned something new, as we saw several groups of young people, celebrating Quinceanera, a Latin American coming of age celebration for girls

 A random intersection

 I love the variety in architecture in the city!

 Chicago Theatre sign

 The kids waiting for the subway

Much more to come!

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Mom E said...

What fun! Sears tower was mentioned in Odyssey. Famous places! the bean! the river! So cool.