Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chicago Trip, Part Four: Children's Museum and Navy Pier

We definitely wanted to visit the Chicago Children's Museum, since it came highly recommended and seemed like a great place for the kids to have fun and burn off some energy during our stay.

Being sweet (on their own) while we waited for the bus

My handsome dude

The boys

First glimpse of Navy Pier as we got off the bus

But first to the museum...

Keenan (and Philip) had a great time building a big structure with nuts, bolts and wood!

They had a really cool baby play area where I took Caleb for a while.   He loved it, but it was so quiet and peaceful and comfy that I was afraid I'd fall asleep, so we went back out and took Moriah (while the boys were building) to check out some other stuff...

She loved stacking up these huge Dominos!

Going for a canoe ride in the Treehouse section

The water play area was pretty big and came with raincoats in all colors and sizes to protect the kid's clothes (what a great idea!)   Keenan (and maybe Philip, even more) especially liked this part...

Filling their boats up with balls

Connecting pieces for the water to flow through

She pumped this all by herself!

Philip spent his time, damming up the top end of the huge water table, and then letting all the water rush out at once, through specifically blocked canals, so the boats would just Race down to the bottom! =)

Sweet boy in the flowers

My little lady bug

This was a fun shadow screen - I Love this picture of Philip getting Moriah!

Caleb =)

Me with Caleb, "holding" Keenan up by my arm =)

Dinosaur dig!

Even Caleb got in on the fun

Me uncovering Caleb =)

Moriah discovered a human foot! =)

We went back to get a picture of Keenan and Philip's completed structure

After we left the museum, we were all Very thirsty and getting hungry too...  At this point, Philip remembered that there was a USO lounge (for military families) at Navy Pier.  Woohoo!   It was right on our way and was The nicest one I've ever been in!   We got cold drinks, snacks (even chocolate!), internet use and a bit of a rest before heading back out.

Next we were off to the Ferris Wheel

It is 150 feet high!

The kids loved it

View down the top of Navy Pier

This picture makes me laugh

Looong,busy day - everyone was sleepy on the bus on the way to our hotel!

We stayed at the Palmer House hotel, which has quite the history behind it.  It was Gorgeous, and I wish I had taken the time to take pictures of the hotel outside of our room...

All right folks, one more post and we'll wrap this trip up! =)


scott davidson said...

Beautiful banner at your site as well, I am reminded of some wall paintings by the Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, such as this one http://EN.WahooArt.com/A55A04/w.nsf/OPRA/BRUE-8BWNY4. You browse more murals of his at wahooart.com

Mom E said...

I had no idea there was so much to do in Chicago. One thought was where do you go to rest if you're not military? ;) And chuckled at the thought of Philip damming up the top of the water table! I can picture him doing this too!! Love it.

Mom E said...

p.s. And how was it that you came to stay at the Palmer House? Word of mouth? internet search? (you can email me). thx.