Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chicago Trip, Part Five: Shedd Aquarium/The Bean

On our second day in Chicago, we packed up, left the hotel and set out to find a place for breakfast.

We found this place...

It was an older (been around for a while) restaurant and the food was delicious!

Next, the kids and I hung out in a big open area with pretty flower beds while Philip went back to the train station to store our bigger bags for the day until it was time to get back on the train...

Pretty girl

Being friends

Keenan took this picture, I think he did a great job!

Precious sleeping boy

The pretty Chicago River

Finally at Shedd Aquarium:

Moriah watching a sting ray

I love this frog, I think it looks plastic!

Cool blue poison dart frogs

I don't remember What this was, isn't it weird??

I can't remember the names of these either, but they were little worms that sway in the current

Moriah on a turtle (not real =)

Pretty pink fish

Inside the submarine

Dressed like penguins!

Watching the dolphins

At the touch tank

Touching some huge starfish

The beluga whale show 
(I really enjoyed seeing these, since I'd never seen beluga's before!)

They had quite an impressive shark exhibit, but it was way too dark to get good pictures.. =0/

While having lunch, we had a beautiful view!

Pretty boats with Navy Pier in the background

The aquarium recently opened up a new Jellies display (apparently, they aren't called JellyFish anymore).  This was my favorite part!

No bones, no blood, no brains... yet, soo amazing!

Keenan and Moriah with a huge tank of them

So cool

I really liked how they had different colors accenting the different types of jellies.. so pretty.

Our final stop was my one request.. The Bean!!   I had seen it recently in a movie (The Vow) and really wanted to go there!  It did Not disappoint, it's awesome!

How cool is that??

The kids

 Can you find our family in this picture?


 ...and close up

 It's easy to see why it's such a popular spot, it's so cool!

 The opposite side shows the Chicago skyline

 I'm so proud of Keenan for taking this picture

 Chillin' in some nice soft green grass

 Love this boy!

A family picture

This concludes our trip to Chicago!  Whew!  What a fun time it was, with so many great memories!  Thank you Philip for your talent in trip planning... you rock! =)


Mom W. said...

The Bean is very interesting... unique!! Good job picture taking Keenan!!

Mom E said...

I absolutely loved ALL the pictures. Keenan, GREAT JOB in taking photos! You're following in your mommy's footsteps I see!
I miss having access to Philip's awesome trip planning skills here in our family!! He rocks. And you rock, Joia, in journaling about the trip! You two make a great pair. :) All these posts makes me want to take the same trip! :)