Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Poor, Neglected Blog

Wow! It has been forever since I've posted! We've had a pretty crazy, exhausting week getting settled back in after our trip. Here are the pictures from our last day in San Diego (and a couple more):

USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum

This was Philip's pick of the trip and it turned out to be a lot more fun than I was expecting. =)

Here we are with the "oh so cool" headphones and the audio players which let you type in numbers from placards all over the ship that would then play a recording with information about that part of the ship or plane.

Out on the flight deck

A shot down the flight deck
(You can't really see how huge it is with the planes in the way)

This whole area was actually one of three elevators that moved the planes between decks on the ship

Me in one of the planes (I hadn't noticed the creepy mannequin behind me until I was looking at the pictures now!)

Side shot

One of the many ready rooms where aircrew would prepare for missions

My handsome boys

The folding wings mechanisms

Inside the ship was my favorite part, getting to see the crew's living quarters, etc.   They also had quotes posted all over the ship from actual crew members about what life on the ship was like.  Very entertaining!

Ha!  I think you almost can't tell that this guy is a flat cutout! =)
He represents one of the Marines who were assigned to the Admiral

The Admiral's private kitchen

The Captain's private conference room

Caleb (check out that dimple!!) pulling one of the door levers

Pretty view from the ship
(That bridge goes to Coronado Island)

Philip and Caleb inside a helicopter
(See the little girl's shirt beside them?  Her mom is Canadian) =)

Us peeking out the window

I was sitting on a glass floor, suspended over a four story shaft for accessing munitions and other supplies from the stores deep within the ship.

The POW/MIA table
(explanation below)

There were several Really funny things posted about Chief Petty Officers (the top three enlisted ranks in the Navy):

One of the displays explained that the best food on the ship was in the Chief's mess (and no one other than a chief was allowed in this mess without an invitation from a chief).

One of the anchor chains in the forecastle

Philip and Caleb in the Brig!

It's pretty much impossible to get it all in one shot!

The Island, where the command and control functions were located.  The tour of this area had a minimum height requirement and one of the three in our party was a little too short.

Heading home:

Caleb and Philip (matching) before we parted ways to our separate flights
(Philip flew back to our local airport here at home, and I flew to Orlando)

All set!

It was sooo good to see Keenan and Moriah again!  I was really starting to miss them, since this had been the longest time we had Ever been apart!  They had a Wonderful time with Grandma, though!  We are so blessed that Mom was able to watch them and make it such a fun week for them. =)

Grandma with her sweeties

With Uncle Isaac

Final leg home

Tuesday, late morning, we hit the road for home!   I was Exhausted, but thanks to the prayers of many people, and a Lot of Coke, we made it home safely and in great time - only one stop!

In the playplace at our lunch stop

Since getting home:

On Wednesday we had orientation with our local Classical Conversations homeschool group.  We will be meeting with them for three hours every Wednesday.   We officially start school on Monday and we're excited!

I signed up for my first triathlon!   It's in October and consists of a 600 yard swim (in the Gulf), an 18 mile bike ride and a 5K run.   I'm frantically trying to get in enough training (especially swimming, which is my weakest event) before it gets here!

We're gearing up for our first camping trip since Keenan was a baby!   Labor day weekend we'll (well, the boys) will be doing some overnight canoeing, while the girls and little ones hang at the campsite for a couple days.  Should be an adventure! =)


Anonymous said...

That's really interesting about the aircraft carrier. The POW/MIA table is very touching. Looks like you had an interesting and busy trip! Thanks for sharing!

Mom W. said...

Whew, I was getting worried when you had posted for a week!!! Just kidding, good to find out all is well and enjoy the pictures!!! Happy Homeschooling!!!

Mom E said...

Wow, so much to comment on...
I agree that visiting an aircraft carrier museum wouldn't be 1st on my list, but after seeing the pics, it looked really fun. Sitting on a glass floor 4 flights up? whew. Don't look down! The "cutout" guy? I wouldn't have known except you told me! The POW/MIA table was so sad; what a wonderful tribute. And last, but not least, I'm claiming Caleb's dimple! :) Love, Mom