Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Ball...and Having a Ball with Grandma!

Keenan got this ball from Tim and Steph a couple years ago, and we used at the cottage with all the grandkids. Since then we haven't had it out, since our yard isn't big or flat enough. Grandma's house is the perfect place!

 I had No idea it would take so long to fill up, even with an electric pump! =)

Look how Big this thing is!

Isaac inside


Keenan inside

Moriah's turn

Yesterday, as Caleb and I traveled a couple thousand miles from the East Coast to the West Coast, Grandma had a "Day of Fun" planned for her grandkids!

After they left the airport, she picked up Reagan and Hudson...

and they had lunch and played in the Playplace at McDonald's!

The big boys

Hudson giving Moriah a ride =)

They all went with her to pick Uncle Isaac up from school! =)

What a crazy bunch
(This was Moriah's third outfit of the day) =)

They had dinner and showers and then went to church (where the kids apparently had a great time in  childcare with their cousins).

What a busy, fun day!


Mom W. said...

I love that picture of them all!!

Aunt Heather said...

I love those houses too Joia: casement window, wooden door, turret.

Isaac in school already! Guess I shouldn't talk since my kids are too:)

Your suite is lovely too.

Mom E said...

I love the pics....and the kids even more! It was a blast having them here!!