Thursday, August 2, 2012

See Ya, Dr. G.

Today we had the privilege of attending the retirement ceremony for Dr. Goodemote. She has served in the Air Force for 24 and a half years, but we are sad to see her go!

Philip was honored to be the narrator of the official ceremonies, so he had to wear his dress blues.  I don't often get to see him in this uniform and I think he looks quite dashing!

Me and my handsome man

The shadow box I filled for her
(terrible picture!)

Dr. Goodemote with three of us
Philip had Moriah say, "Thank you for delivering me", in the receiving line which was super cute!

Dr. Goodemote with Colonel Retired Haynes and his family
(Dr. Haynes was the program director up until last year)

It's interesting, going to retirement ceremonies.  You show up thinking, "This person is awesome", and then, after hearing about their whole career, you leave thinking, "Wow, this person is AMAZING!!!"  =)   Dr.  Goodemote is Such an amazing woman of God, doctor, teacher, friend, and humble servant.  What an honor to have had her here at Eglin for such a large part of our time.    Iowa is gaining a wonderful family in the Goodemotes.

Here again are a few pictures of Dr. Goodemote with our family:

 When Moriah was born

 Moriah at about a month old

 Two month check up

 Keenan's two year appointment

 Residency banquet 2009

January 2012
My friend, Robyn and I (both patients of Dr. G's) and Dr. G with her miracle baby, Beverly


Mom E said...

What totally sweet pictures and that shadow box was amazing, Joia. I am sure it will bring her much joy for years to come. A labor of love I'm sure. Even though I've only met her maybe twice, I too, am sad to know she is leaving. A great shot of you and your handsome husband! I love the dress blues. :)

Mom W. said...

Wow, another goodbye, not fun, but what a way to finish!!! She finished well. You did a supper job on the shadow box!!

Mom W again said...

Woops... that would be super, not supper =)