Thursday, August 9, 2012

San Diego!

I still can't believe we're actually here! I've been looking forward to this trip for a long time! =)

Caleb and I had a great day of travel yesterday.  I didn't fully realize how long the flight from Atlanta to San Diego was going to be (3 hours and 46 minutes), until we had boarded!  =)  It went amazingly well.

While we waited for Philip to pick us up, we checked out the USO lounge at the airport.  These are for members of the military and their families to use during travel.  They usually provide a place to hang out and rest, food, movies, kids toys, etc.  

Even though it had been less than three days, it was So good to see Philip when he showed up!

Our beautiful suite...

Caleb's makeshift "high chair" =)

Today is the last day of Philip's meetings, so I dropped him off this morning so Caleb and I could use the rental car to do some exploring.   I desperately wanted some pictures by the ocean, so got the GPS and headed to the water.  However... even though I had been warned, I was not prepared for just How HARD it would be to find a Parking spot!!   After driving around for 20 minutes and not finding one (everything was full or already being fought over), I was near tears.  I just wanted pictures!!

I ended up parking a few blocks from the water and strolling around some beautiful La Jolla (Hoy-a) neighborhoods and taking pictures of houses, instead. =)

A couple shots along the water, but nothing like what I am planning to get:

The houses came in all different styles, sizes and colors...

Most of them had gorgeous plants and flowers just spilling over the walls... sooo pretty!

I LOVE this one

This gorgeous turret porch is on the house pictured above

Typical street =)

There were also a lot of super cute doors! =)

Ha!  I've never seen one of these before! =)

As I posted about previously... I was successful in acquiring some JOIA soda!

Caleb's sleep patterns are all messed up from sleeping too much during the day yesterday, plus the three hour time change, so last night wasn't easy for any of us and I am Exhausted!    I've been trying to keep him up more today, so hopefully that will get better.

Well that's it for now, my laptop battery is dying and I need to go get Philip and then we're going out for dinner with his group.

 Will update again soon!


Alaina said...

Love the pix! Our family visited La Jolla as a child. The pix are bringing back some memories. Enjoy!

Mom W. said...

The white flower is a gardenia, thank you for getting that picture, brings back memories from my childhood, did you smell it? They have a wonderful sweet scent!! Wow, what a gorgeous neighborhood!!!

Mom E said...

Kinda' glad you didn't get to go to the beach because the pics of these houses were Gorgeous!! Love how when life throws you lemons, you just make lemonade!
Your fav house I think is mine too. It was so beautiful!
Crazy about the tsunami sign. That's a little scary!

The Woodfords said...

I meant to check your pics when we got home, and compare - and forgot - they're beautiful!! Could definitely go back again - such a neat city with so many things to do.

Love ya,

The Woodfords said...

Hmmm, maybe we could Meet there some time... =)