Sunday, August 12, 2012

San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park

Yesterday was Such a fun day! The San Diego Zoo is amazing, ranked one of the country's best. I got some great shots, but unfortunately most of the Big Cats (my favorites) had cage mesh in front of them, which does not make for the best pictures. Oh well... here was our day!

First we saw the tigers - my Favorite!!

I don't think there's any animal more beautiful

Even big cats look cute licking their paws =)

So intent

My favorite shot of the day

This is the brother of the other one, he looked kind of goofy =)

A hungry, hungry hippo

Two monkeys in a tiff


I had never seen one of these before and can't remember what it was (not attractive!)

The Sky-fari that we rode later in the day

Pretty flamingos

He can itch any spot he wants!

Pooping zebra =)

Stripey dude

My boys

I don't remember the names of these next few:

My first koala sighting!


Maned Wolf

These aren't good pictures, but he was beautiful, like a huge dog/fox!

I love this huge sculpture!

I'm glad this isn't life size!

Wow!  Nasty.

Sleepy Mama

This gorgeous Jaguar was sadly packing back and forth the whole time, so I wasn't able to get good pictures of him, but here is Caleb watching him


Close up of the Mrs.

I love Llamas! =)

No idea

Big boy

Beautiful Chinese Leopard - stupid cage

Painted dog (relative of the hyena)



He was actually the right distance away so that if I zoomed in, I could get his head in one tiny square of the cage =)

Pretty shot of San Deigo and Cabrillo Bridge

On the Sky-fari the first time

Me holding a baby Koala! =)

We took a break from the zoo in the middle of the day and took a shuttle to the center of Balboa Park.   The Prado restaurant was highly recommended so we went there for lunch.

Our appetizer - Skewers of beef, chicken and shrimp with three different sauces over asian salad

My handsome date

Our main course was rosemary chicken over polenta with spinach

Us in one of the many gardens

Alzacar Garden

The Hospitality House (the Prado is inside)

So beautiful!

We went to the Rose Garden...

It had a huge, shaded arbor in the middle

Kissing silhouette =)

Back to the zoo!

Red Panda running away =)

Caleb trying to eat like a panda

We had to wait in line to see the Giant Pandas, but it was soo worth it!

Happy guy having some lunch =)

Soo cute!

What are you starin' at?

Polar Plunge...

This polar bear was hard to get pictures of because he was sitting in the water Right up against the glass (and was surrounded by a crowd of people!)

Cute big ole, head =)

Waiting to board the Sky-fari again (this time Caleb was awake for the ride!)

He seemed to like it

Me and the boy

Huge elehpant topiary on the way out!

What a great, but tiring, day!  =)

Today is our last day in San Diego, and it's "Philip's Pick", so we're going to see the U.S.S. Miday Aircraft Carrier...


Mom W. said...

LOVE the big cats, big kitties!!! =) Thanks for sharing all the animal pics. Looks like an awesome zoo!!

Mom E said...

PANDAS!!! lol. Love them!
Did Caleb take the pic of you 2 in the garden? I figured if he wasn't in the pic, he Must be taking it. JK. Yea, I'm so glad you had fun!!