Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Jet Skiing and Alaina's Mexican Fiesta!

It was another beautiful Saturday that found us on the bayou with the jet ski.  =)

I Love this one of Keenan!  (The tube was not moving when the picture was taken)

Me taking him for a ride

Caleb demolishing some pretzels

Moriah playing happily by herself on the shore

She was so proud of herself for climbing up on the tube by herself and standing up like Keenan!

Philip and Keenan went and picked up the Penny kids from their house, that's one full jet ski!

Ha!  I love how it looks like Eden is driving here

Group shot before they headed out

Keenan and Jade

Me and my man

Josh on the jet ski being towed by some friendly strangers after an unfortunate incident where the tow rope got sucked up into the jet ski

This evening we went to Alaina's awesome Mexican Fiesta Birthday Party!   It was So much fun!

The Huge pinata that met us at the door!

Moriah in her party dress

This little guy is getting more mobile all the time!

The spread... soo good!

Muscadine grapes brought by Alaina's parents 
(They are very good and very unique!)

I love this one of Alaina blowing out the candles =)

Nora Jane and Alaina

Dessert - a (mildly spicy) Mexican Ice Cream Pie, and Strawberry Cream Pie with Chocolate Crust

Pinata time!
Kevin blindfolding Alaina for the first whack at the pinata

Everyone got a turn =)

The severed donkey legs also made great hats! =)

Such a great couple =)
(Kevin, welcome!  I think this is your debut on the blog!)

I love, love, Love this picture of Alaina and I and our donkey faces!! =)

A little more normal

Meliss and I showed up wearing almost identical shirts (and pants too, but Devin cut them off)

This was going to be a sweet muscle picture, but... Devin cut them off

I love this guy =)

Moriah thoroughly enjoying her first Sugar Daddy

Sweet Caleb asleep on Alaina

Alaina, thanks again for inviting us to share in your birthday celebration!!  What a fun and delicious party!  =)

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Mom E said...

geesh, what's with Devin cutting off your legs and arms? lol.