Friday, August 24, 2012

Makin' a Splash

Since the splash park on base always closes (too early) after Labor Day weekend (lame!), Rebekah and I met up there with the kids for a play date today, in case we don't get another chance before it's closed for the season.   They had a blast!

Keenan and Elijah braving the dumping pails together =)

I love this shot Rebekah got!

Chillin' with the babies

Joel and Caleb chattin' it up

Sweet boy

Joel "walking" with Rebekah

This one cracks me up!

Here you can see the two teeth Caleb recently cut on the top (his "fangs)


I love this one of Judah and Rebekah

Riah girl

How handsome is he?

Love the water in mid air here


Mom W. said...

Fun, believe it or not they are installing a splash park in Norwich!!!

Mom E said...

So Cute!! I sure wish they'd get a splash park here! Yea, I'm caught up! I just adore all the photos, Joia. Thanks for being so faithful in letting us long-distance Grandma's see our little blessings!

I love you, Mom

denise said...

I love the fangs!
I'm jealous for all the splash parks and beaches you can get to when it's so hot. We get unbearable hot here without relief.. No beaches, public pools or splash parks. Possibly because they can't recirculate the water for a splash park since there isn't a body of water. Next time we visit we will have to hit up all the splash parks!