Saturday, August 25, 2012

Keeping an Eye on Isaac

Hurricane Isaac is currently scheduled to make landfall on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  We are watching it closely and making preparations to evacuate if that becomes necessary (if the Air Force tells us to go, we have to go).   We'll probably put up our hurricane shutters tomorrow (the first time we'll actually use them!)   We've stocked up on non-perishable food (which, if we don't need it for the storm, will come in handy for camping next weekend!) =)

If we did evacuate, we'd probably head to Mom and Jeff's (Mom is praying that we will have to come, ha!)

Please pray that this storm burns out before it gets here, without causing trouble on land Anywhere.


The Woodfords said...

Oh dear! Hope it indeed completely misses you, and no extra 'vacations' are necessary!! Love you, and praying for you!

Aunt Heather said...

Oh! I thought it was heading more towards your in laws than you! Shows you how much I know!

Mom E said...

Yes haha we were hoping you'd have to evacuate....& for totally selfish reasons, I admit. [It would be such awesome timing since Gr'ma E is here]. :)
I did Not however, want it to go over the top of you and be a Cat 2, as is predicted at the moment. At what level would they have you leave? (i.e. Cat 2? 3?)

It is a Huge storm (width-wise)We are praying for you (and not for you to evacuate). :)

'Our Isaac' was hoping hurricane Isaac Would come just close enough to us to cancel school for tomorrow, but it went way west and somehow is missing us! We are only getting some rain bands and little wind. He is very disappointed. lol.

Love you all, Mom