Friday, August 3, 2012

In da Pool

We've been in the pool a lot the last few days!   What a blessing it has been to have that option!

Caleb has just recently gotten comfortable being in it, so that's been really fun. =)

Floatin' along wiggling his feet

Toothy smile

Sweet girl

She loves her flower inner tube, but has become quite the little swimmer and made it all the way across the pool yesterday! =)

Keenan giving Caleb a little ride

Jus' chillin'

Time is tickin' down... lots of travel coming up soon for our family with trips to Merritt Island, and then on to San Diego for Caleb and I (to meet up with Philip) in a few days!   I need to get makin' lists and start packing!


Mark and Rebekah said...


I need to get making lists :) That's so the way I get to work too :) I know they're necessary, I often think that that's my favourite part of getting ready though :)

Enjoy your trip!

Mom W. said...

San Diego????