Sunday, August 5, 2012


... did I not know that JOIA soda existed???

Don't these look Amazing??  My friend, Abby, just emailed me a picture of some that she found while spending the weekend in Minnesota!   Unfortunately she's flying, so she can't bring me some. =0/ 

I went on their website and had a few chuckles... =)

The closest place to buy them?  Louisiana. 

I'm back.  This just in!   Looks like we'll be able to get some in San Diego this week!  Woohoo!!!


Mark and Rebekah said...


Aunt Heather said...

Oops! Sorry you're just discovering it now but we all forgot to tell you that you were named after a pop.

Mom W. said...

She was NOT named after a pop!!! =) But it is funny that there is a pop by that name... I knew there was a line of clothing by that name but never would have guessed a kind of pop!! Funny!! and cool!