Monday, July 16, 2012

Totally Awesome Monday

Today was an amazing Monday. Reason #1. Philip was home. =)

Reason #2.   This is what we had for breakfast:

Yes, that Is ice cream under there =)

Reason #3.   We took the jet ski out.

Happy girl in the tube!

Moriah and Eden

Philip driving

Keenan and Jade, each with one of Keenan's shoes on

Yup, she's a star.

Reason #4.   The Pennys (minus, Melissa, who Was actually working) and the Storeys (Josh was home, post call) joined us at the park.  The Storeys also brought their boat and skis!

Devin said he could have driven this all day =)

Collecting many, many rocks for Mommy

Caleb chowing down on a waffle

Josh skiing on one ski (we were pleased to see how well the jet ski can pull a skiier!)

Reason #5.  Dolphins.  LOTS of them out in the bayou with us!

I was excited to get two dorsal fins in one picture.

See, the dolphin in the picture with Keenan?

#6.  I got a nap and didn't have to stay up with Caleb when he decided Not to nap. =)

#7.  Margarita Monday!   My first in a while (and only my second since Caleb was born) that I went alone!   

#8.  When I got home, Philip had put the new pedals (with straps) on my bike, without me even asking!   How great is this guy??

How was Your Monday?


Mark and Rebekah said...

Definitely nothing like yours! (Our Monday I mean.)

Got up at 3:15 to take Alycia to the airport... Home at 9:30 and fell into bed for a few hours...

I'd take the beach and the jetski any day :)

Love you,
Rebekah :)

Mom E said...

Totally awesome pic with the dolphin in the background.