Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quick Catch Up Before a New Week Starts

Seriously, where do the days go???

Here are some pictures from the last little while...

Andrew and Bethany with Caleb 

Keenan and Moriah went to a fun birthday party last Sunday afternoon.   Evie, the birthday girl, was in Keenan's class at Wesley Academy.

Happy guy by the pool

Caleb makes a new friend

Having a great time!

Moriah taking the plunge

Eating cake

Last night, Philip and I had a (very overdue) nice date night!    It was our first time out without Caleb!  Thanks, Melissa and Devin for babysitting!

We had a nice dinner and then went to see "The Dark Knight Rises"

It was really good!

Today we hung out with our new friends, the Grays, at Lincoln Park and the kids had a blast jet skiing and swimming.

Philip and Moriah towing Keenan and Nora Jane

They were going slow here, but I love how uninhibited Keenan is on here! =)

Little goofy

Full jet ski!

Philip stretched Nora Jane's "comfort zone" with the speeds he was doing =)


Doin' my thing (great pics, Philip!)

Moriah and Noble playing together
(somehow I missed getting any pictures of Vivi)

We have Jade and Eden sleeping over tonight (since Devin and Melissa had a date night tonight), and we have house church in the morning, so I should get to bed...


Jessica said...

super cute shirt for your date night! You look great :) Your brother looks positively radiant as a married man. I am so happy for them!

Mom E said...

Yes, very cute shirt for date night...and DUDE, you look so serious when you are at full tilt on that jet ski. :)