Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Our" Cat

*First off, if this cat belongs to you or someone you know, please let me know!*

I mentioned a few days ago that this cat has been hanging around our place.  I fed it once and it hasn't left. =) We bought it a purple food/water bowl and have decided to keep feeding it.    It meows goodnight outside the patio door on the deck and we find it sleeping in the sun in the morning when we wake up.  The kids have named it "Skits".

For several reasons (mostly because Philip doesn't want another pet) we haven't brought it in the house.  Also, our friend, Melissa, is allergic, so that would pose a problem with her coming over.   It seems to work okay for it to be an "outside cat", though.  We get all the benefits without as much responsibility. =)

It is sooo affectionate!

Checking out Caleb =)

Right at home

Snoozing by the grill

Pretty kitty!

This one cracks me up =)

What a goof

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Mom W. said...

Oh I am so jealous, what a nice cat!!!