Saturday, July 14, 2012

The last couple of days in pictures...

On Friday the kids and I went to a super fun birthday party at the beach for Moriah's friend, Molly.

Here they are coming back from their treasure hunt (which turned up some pretty cool toys/candy!) on the beach

Keenan making his sand art necklace


The gorgeous beach begged for my children to be photographed in front of it =)

Front view - so sunny!

Sweet girl

The eldest and I

Love this

I saw these two birds sitting on the line, and snapped a picture, knowing it would be fun to caption later... boy was I right! =)

Asian peanut noodles I made a couple nights ago

A cute cat that has been hanging around

My new bike!  (More on this later)

This morning was Keenan's last soccer game.  He made a goal, which was exciting!

On the move

With the ball

With his coaches, Daddy and O.T.

Post game party

This is what Moriah chose to wear to the game =)

Caleb and Daddy

After the game.. we headed to the splash park on base for Elijah and Joel's birthday party.    Sweet baby Jane (six days old) had her first outing and came too!

I Love this picture of the two of them side by side!   There is at least a 13 pound difference between them!

The fun fish cake (The middle is made from fun, fish cups filled with jello)

Caleb with his buddy, Terri

Nathalie and Jane

Spunky checking out the cat through the patio door

At Chick fil A this evening...
Caleb sat happily on our table and watched the kids in the play area, like he was at the zoo! =)

Moriah and Daddy


Mark and Rebekah said...

Beautiful pictures at the beach!

I can't believe how much Moriah looks like you in the one where she's by herself...

Beautiful like her mommy :)

Love Rebekah

Mom W. said...

The fish cake is a very original idea!! Cool!!!