Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day - 2012

Happy Canada Day!

It's been a fun day in our house, and I hope in yours as well (weather or not you hail from the Great White North)...

Today was Caleb's first Canada Day, so I wanted to commemorate it with some pictures of his cute self...

I love this chubby little guy so much =)

Dad happened to have his Canada shirt with him, so he sported it along with the rest of us for the day... how fun!

I love these pictures, and couldn't choose between my two favorites:

Look how happy Caleb is here!

Smiling at his Daddy

My three little Canadians

Our little Diva

Us girls (look at her belly!)  =)

What a crazy goof!

What?  This isn't how all Canadian babies sleep?

This evening we had our small group friends over for dinner and a swim.  I made pulled pork for the first time, and discovered an unlikely secret ingredient:  Root Beer!

Caleb gnawing on a watermelon rind

The "big kids"

Joel under my chair

Handsome dudes

The awesome (Canadian colored) dessert that Rebekah made

Nathalie and Nick

Josh, Rebekah and Joel

Happy Birthday, Canada!


Mark and Rebekah said...

I find it funny that you're always much more Canadian in your celebrations than we are :) We were actually in Canada this year though, and we saw some fireworks, so we're doing better.

I love all the Canadian shirt. Does Philip not have one.

Love you all,
Rebekah :)

Anonymous said...

Does that last guy have a license to carry around guns like that? No wonder he isn't wearing a shirt- probably couldn't find one to fit over those pythons!

Joia said...


Mom W. said...

What does Philip's shirt say in the picture with Caleb??

Good Canada day post Joia, and good for you!!! Love the pictures and Caleb is SO cute!!

Joia said...

Mom, Philip's shirt is a Red Wings shirt, and it says "DATSYUK", he's from Russia.

Aunt Heather said...

We saw a flag for sale. Instead of the maple leaf in the middle there was a red marijuana leaf and John quipped "I guess you have to sing O Canabis for that one."