Thursday, July 12, 2012

Five Years of Blogging...

Five years ago today, I started blogging.

I was new to the area, still figuring out how to breathe this muggy Florida air, had a newborn, only a couple friends, and a husband who was gone for looong days in his intern year of residency...

Only a week or so previous, I didn't really know What blogs were.   I started reading my friend, Wendi's blog (you all know her by now), and decided that starting my own would be a good way for me to keep a record of our family experiences, fitting into my new role as a mom, and seeing where the Lord would take us!

I decided to call it:  (At the time that meant Philip, Joia, Keenan, but now is Philip, Joia and Kids!) =)

You can read my very first blog post here.

Oh, the things this blog has recorded!   Three years of residency, two babies being born, many awesome memories with our residency friends, getting a dog, new memories with the friends we've been blessed to share life with for the last two years, deaths, births, and weddings in our families, trips to several different countries and all the other stuff that makes up the (almost) every day craziness of our life.

I thought it would be fun to go back and take a picture from July 12th of each year on the blog (the last two are actually July 13th pictures, since there was no post on July 12th of those years):

 2008 (Keenan and Daddy)

2009 (Two kids! On the long trip up to DC for a month)

 2010 (At the Gulfarium during a visit from Mark and Rebekah)

2011 - Caleb enters the scene!

And today... July 12, 2012, I made an updated photo booth picture, like the one in my first post:

A little more full this time! =)

Blog stats:
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186, 900 visits
100 hits a day

Thanks for coming along...


Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an inspiration I am!

Mom W. said...

SO glad you have this blog... I love it and you have done a Super duper job Joia! and Yay to Wendi, inspiring you to do it!!

Anonymous said...

It's been fun following you and your family the last 5 years! Here's to 5 more (at least!)

Mom W. said...

LIKE the new header, it is so cute that Caleb is silhouetted!! =)

Mom E said...

Yes, Yea Wendi, Yea Joia!! I cannot believe it has been 5 years!! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

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