Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Duathlon, July 4th 2012

Well, I did my first duathlon (5K run, 200 meter swim) today!     A week ago, Josh and Rebekah told me I should sign up and do it with them.  I thought they were nuts.    I can run, but I am Not a strong swimmer.   They said it was a short swim (short is relative), and that I should just do it.  So... for the last week I've been running 5K every other day and also did two practice swims.

The race was at 7 am.   I got up at 5:30 to make sure that I was able to "go" before the race (maybe TMI for some people, but pretty critical for a good race) =)

I was pretty jittery and nervous, so just decided to head over to the park at about 6:20 to get the feel of everything and hopefully calm down a bit.    That worked a little, although I then realized how many Crazy serious runners were competing in this thing (some dressed in triathlon wetsuits, etc)


Pretty sunrise over the bayou

Where it all began

Transition area before the swim

Josh pushed Joel and Judah in the race

How fun is that??

Team Storey... and me before the start

...and here's us just minutes after finishing
(These two plowed past me in the swim!)

The run went really well - I achieved a new personal best 5K time at around 27 minutes.   My total time was 32.59.   I'll take that.

I won $50 in a raffle!!

Josh and I both placed 3rd in our age categories
(These arm band/carrier thingies were our prizes)


I guess the next stop from here is a sprint triathlon?   Or maybe a 10K first...


Mom W. said...

Good job Joia!!

Becky said...

Congratulations Joia - well done!!! I am very inspired by all your running and racing. How are you finding time for training - would you share more with me about that? I know Philip probably goes in early and stays late like John does so thought you might have some helpful advice.