Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cute kids and stuff

When it rains, it pours, I'm in a crazy blogging mood! =)

Moriah fell asleep during a movie after not taking a nap

The cute little chub that lives in our house =)

Love this one of our boys

A sunny ride in the stroller!

Cute kids

Keenan rockin' the scooter!

Moriah JOY

Yes, yes I Do think this is pretty funny

The kids with a random, friendly dog that followed us on our walk this morning

Sleepy baby


Mom E said...

Oh my world, I can't believe no one commented on this post! So, allow me...The picture of Moriah sleeping is precious; all I could see was PINK! lol. Keenan & Caleb, adorable. The picture of them imitating the sign, Hilarious!! I thought it was odd that the "man" in the picture was also carrying a purse, though. lol.

Mom W. said...

I hadn't seen it till now so of course I will comment too Kathleen, I think the things they are carrying in the picture are supposed to be school books Kathleen since it is a sign usually put by schools, don't you think? Oh, I forgot, this isn't FB so you probably won't see my comment... =) Sorry Joia.

I enjoyed these pictures, you have such cute kids! (no bias)

Joia said...

Mom W, you're right about the school picture and the books =)