Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Andrew and Bethany's visit

 We are blessed to have Andrew and Bethany visiting with us right now for three and a half days!   They arrived Sunday evening and came to our small group, and they will leave sometime tomorrow.

It's been fun to have them and I think they've had fun too.   They've been to the beach (twice), gone go-carting, showed me their honeymoon pictures (the rest of you will have to wait for them on Facebook), Bethany joined me for Margarita Monday with my friends, and today they took the jet ski out.

Andrew had also fixed a few things for us (small things, we're trying not to make him work too hard, and hung some pictures for me).   Such a handy guy to have around! =)

Pictures from jet skiing today:

 I love this reflection picture I was able to get of the kids at the park

 Bethany pulling Andrew on the tube

 Rockin' it

 Keenan on the tube

Keenan and Andrew

 Fun stuff!

 Andrew pulling Bethany

 With both kids

 The girl's turn!

 Moriah Loved it!

...and finally...
One of the sweetest pictures ever of this little guy =)


The Woodfords said...

Glad you're having such a great time (not that I expected anything else!!) with A & B! LOVE the sweet pic of Caleb at the end - definitely my favourite!! =)

Love you,

Alaina said...

Caleb's picture is beyond sweet!!!!

Aunt Jessica said...

oh my gosh, that Caleb!!!! He is so cute!!!

Mom W. said...

Cool pictures, was hoping you would put some on of their visit, and Caleb looks like an angel!!!

Mom E said...

Yup, love the pic of Caleb too! I can't wait to hold him again! It's still weird for me to think of Andrew being married. Bethany looks like she fits right in. Hope to meet her soon someday.