Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wedding Weekend: Friday

Here are pictures from Friday, with a couple at the start from Thursday that I got from Rebekah:
*Many of the pictures in this post and the next are from Rebekah*

Sweet girls - Vivian, Kyla and Moriah

That night, I went to the bride's parent's house, took the cakes (that Andrew had expertly baked and frozen ahead of time) out of the freezer and stacked them up with frosting in between.  They are Much easier to handle and move around while frozen when they can't break!

With the huge 16 inch bottom layer

All stacked up!

Later that night, I had my first Coke in three months!   It was heavenly =)


Instead of hanging out at the church (and being bored out of their minds) while I decorated the cake, Philip and the kids joined Tim and his kids and Ada and her boys at the zoo for the morning.

Keenan and Moriah with an elephant

Good shot, honey!

With a lazy, sleeping lion

I have done several other wedding cakes before, but the last one was for Mark and Rebekah's wedding back in 2006.    Six years is a long time... long enough to lose your touch, I discovered.   It took me about three hours to decorate this and I barely got it finished before the rehearsal started!   This one may have been my last.  =)

All finished and with the flowers

Keenan and Caleb at the rehearsal

The rehearsal dinner was at Bethany's parent's house in their beautiful backyard.

Happy couple on the eve of their wedding day!

Riding down the hill in this wagon was a Huge hit with the kids!
(Keenan's favorite part of the whole trip!)

Haha!  I love this picture!

Here Philip is holding Caleb out of the picture

LOVE this!

Being Goofy

Bethany's  brother in law, Bill, pulled the kids around in this big wagon and they had a riot!

Ada, Nelly and I

Rebekah and I

Hilarious one of the groom going for a ride, pretending to be terrified! =)

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Mom E said...

Looks like you had a blast! That cake is absolutely gorgeous, Joia!!