Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Mantel

I had previously posted my Summer Mantel on Facebook, but hadn't put it on here yet because I didn't love it. After some changes, here it is:
(To see my Spring Mantel, click here)

The story behind it all:

I found this canvas is someone's trash (surprise, surprise).   I wasn't a fan of the picture, but loved the size of the canvas and was Sure I could reuse it!

Not a terrible painting, but not an excellent one either

I enlisted some (happy) helpers to paint over it...

My apologies to the original artist, but you were throwing it away!

I think it made a nice backdrop piece on the mantel..

These shells are some of the ones that I found here:

How awesome is this??

These little lanterns and the sea shell below, I purchased from Yankee Candle for a fundraiser Isaac was doing - I love them!

More shells from Seashell City

Remember my painted Root Beer bottles?

I Love this, it was a gift from my friend, Sandy, for my birthday
It has the Starfish Story on the back

My new little stepladder!

The Thankful jar, formerly known as the Biscotti Jar

I painted this fun, summery canvas when Mark and Rebekah were here
(specifically for my summer mantel)

Happy Beach life to us!


Mark and Rebekah said...

I love it Joia! Very, very pretty!

It makes me want to get a mantle :)

Love you,

Rebekah :)

Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE the tea light in the shell!

Mom E said...

So, So PRETTY! Those lanterns from Isaac's fund raiser look great! :)