Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Outdoor Candle Chandelier

This week I noticed that Old Time Pottery had little glass lanterns on sale for 99 cents!    Since we had just put up our tent/canopy thing on the deck (and it had a hook, Begging for candles to hang from it), I paid a visit to Old Time Pottery while I was in South Carolina and picked some up.

Today I used some wire, a wreath I already had, twine and some branches from the backyard to make this!   I love it!

It looks very pretty in the dark.


Mom E said...

I will have to continue with catch-up tomorrow! I know you will get all my comments at once! lol. So, I'll give you a break for today! This candle chandelier you made is just gorgeous. I bet it's so pretty all lit up at night. You'll have to take it down for sure during hurricane season that is upon us now, tho'. I sure miss you. Love, Mom

Allison Shallenberger said...

These pictures are all so lovely and refreshing to see! And, you made the chandelier in a very practical and creative manner. You’re really lucky to have the glass lanterns in a good deal. I’m sure it’s one of the elements that your visitors never fail to notice. :”>