Friday, June 29, 2012

Kid Stuff Etc.

Once again, I'm playing catch up. =)

Keenan (by his own choice) wizzing through a math (subtraction) book!   Looks like he got his Daddy's math genes!  Yay! =)

Caleb has decided he doesn't like "baby food" and wants to eat things that he can hold and bite, instead.  Here he is, showing a handful of green beans who's boss =)

Rebekah and I did a maternity photo shoot for our friend, Nathalie, on Wednesday.    Rebekah did the bulk of the picture taking (I think she's more talented and has a fancier camera), and I helped with props and suggested poses, etc.

I made these little blocks to spell the baby's name

My favorite of the pictures I took

My sweet kiddos

...and their 30 sweet toes =)

Check out the smile on this one!

Yesterday, my friend, Jessica, had a bunch of MOPS moms and their kids over for a swim date.  They have a great backyard and beautiful pool.  The kids had a blast!

So fun!

Keenan off the diving board

Moriah followed suit

Down the slide!

Moriah did really well with just a paddle board!

We had lunch at McDonald's and Caleb had his first french fries (it's all down hill from here, right?)

Yesterday I decided to actually run 5K, and immediately swim after (to see if I even had a hope of competing in this duathlon on the 4th).   I don't know what my running or swimming times were, but I did it!   200 meters may not be far for a triathlete, but for me (who hasn't swam with the purpose of "getting anywhere" in at least several Years), it was a LONG way!  I kept thinking "that post is NOT getting any closer!)   I ended up swimming about 90% of it on my back, and my arms are definitely starting to ache from being used that way.   I plan to swim again tomorrow and am hoping I'm not so stiff I can't!

Philip's dad arrived last night and will be spending three days with us!   We (especially the kids) are soo excited!!   Here's a picture from dinner tonight.

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