Monday, June 4, 2012

Keenan's Pre-Kindergarden Graduation

Wow! That school year flew by and we have a Graduate in the house! =)

Wesley Academy was a great experience for Keenan and he loved it!


Graduation night before the ceremony...

Keenan and Moriah with Eden

Moriah with her (possible future husband) friend, Judah

When "Pomp and Circumstance" started playing and the kids walked in, I almost started crying!

Keenan and his buddy, Elijah

The whole group

My handsome man in the middle

Trying to get his cap back on after it got knocked off

Grad picture, class picture and his cap

Congratulations, Keenan!

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Gr'ma E said...

I commented on FB already, but just have to say how Handsome my little grandson looks in his beautiful blue cap and gown!!! I know this is just the beginning of many such graduations Keenan will be in! I love you, Keenan, and I'm so very proud of you! Many kisses and hugs!!!
Love, Gr'ma E