Monday, June 4, 2012

Keenan's First Soccer Game

Keenan had his first soccer game last Saturday! He was sooo excited!!

His soccer is with the Upwards sports program at a local church.   I like that it has a Christian theme and the focus is fun, not competition.

Some of his team waiting to have pictures done

Waiting in the tunnel for each player to be announced


A surprise hug from Eden =)

Prayer with the other team before starting

Keenan and Eden cheering their team on

Keenan in goal (he's thumping his fist into his other hand as he gets ready) =)

Ha ha!  A little bored as the action goes on at the other end of the court

Philip's flight out of DC the night before had been cancelled due to weather.  He was Super bummed (as was Keenan) that he was going to be missing the first soccer game.  He's also the assistant coach.

However, things worked out and he was able to get on an earlier flight that morning and got to the game at half time!

Keenan was soo surprised and happy to see him!


Good to have the Daddy coach to take care of him

Shaking hands at the end of the game

Good game Keenan and the rest of the Bulldogs!!

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Mom E said...

The look on Keenan's face when Eden hugged him is priceless! hahaha I loved the 'bored' goalie pic too. We have the Upward basketball, but didn't know Upward also did soccer. Isaac wants to try his hand (or should I say, foot) at soccer. Trying to find a good fit for him in this area. Love, Mom