Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day to Philip, as well as our dads, Bruce, Dan and Jeff! =)

Not Father's Day related, but look what we got yesterday!

Keenan is sooo excited!!!

Father's Day in our house....
(I realized after I took pictures this morning that there were finger prints on my lens) =0/

Philip's breakfast - the kids even helped

Eating in bed

His gift from Keenan (his teacher had them make these ahead of time while he was in school)

Moriah eating some of his orange while Caleb tries to steal the tray

With all his kids =)

Kiss for Caleb

For lunch we went to Outback with the Pennys.   On the way, Philip and the kids made a quick trip into Lowes.   Caleb and I played around in the van...

Sitting in Keenan's booster like a big boy

Fun picture of us

Devin and Melissa

Us =)

Keenan and Jade

Moriah and Eden

Melissa and I

Sleeping Beauty on the way home


Mom W. said...

Cool bunkbeds, fun pictures!!

Mom E said...

Love all the pics as always, but Really Love the one of Keenan with his arm around Philip. Sweeet!