Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Reunion

Andrew's wedding was special, not only because Bethany became a part of our family, but also because it was the first time, since 1994, that my mom, her two brothers, and all of their kids have been together! The last time we had a family reunion, 18 years ago, there were about 20 of us.   With spouses and kids, that number is now about 50!

Since Dad couldn't be at the wedding, he watched the ceremony live online and was "at" the reception via skype.   He got to meet a lot of new family members this way! =)

Ruth introducing her husband and girls to Dad

After the wedding, all 40 some of us got together at a near by park to hang out and reconnect.  (Again, many more picture credits to Rebekah).

Philip and Keenan on the playground

Walking to the swing with his girl

Caleb and Auntie Bekah

Steph holding Caleb for the first time
He really liked her! =)

Rebekah's son, Jayden loving on Caleb

Hanging out

Tim, our cousin Renee and her daughter, Ella

Mark, with Rebecca's foster baby, Janie

A small contingent from my Dad's side of the family!

Rob, Ada and Joshua

Keenan and Marika

Kyla and Rebekah

Everyone fell in love with Janie!

Tim and Alisa

After the park, we ordered a ton of pizza and headed back to the hotel to eat in the breakfast area/lounge.

Yes, ALL of these people are related to me!!

My cousin Renee (wearing a Coca Cola shirt) drinking out of the Coke bottle =)

Yay for family!!!   There was a picture taken at the reception of All of us, but we'll have to wait to get that one from the professional photographer.

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Mom E said...

Joia, this reminds me of our Taylor reunions we used to have in a nearby park when I was growing up. I'm sure our numbers at the height of our gatherings was close to 100 easily. It is a wonderful thing that you all got together!! I bet your Mom was in family-heaven! I look forward to the day I am once again reunited with all my saved family in Heaven! :0)