Monday, June 25, 2012

Eat, Pray, Love

We've had a fun, busy weekend!

Keenan had a soccer game on Saturday morning, then we headed on base for a Residency Beach Party.   We got to hang with old friends, and connect again with some brand new ones.

I am such a sucker for pictures of these two together =)

Caleb was soo Hot at the picnic that I stripped him down to his diaper =)

Big smiles from Caleb and Moriah

I think he looks Hilarious on her lap because he's so big!

Keenan asked Philip to put Caleb in the baby stroller =)

On Sunday, we had a new family join the Pennys and us for house church here!    Kevin is one of the new residents and he and his wife, Alaina, have three children.  They are Awesome!!

Caleb asleep on Philip

Our kids, Jade and Eden and their three new friends, Nora Jane, Vivi, and Noble!

I haven't read the book and I didn't love the movie, but it occurred to me a couple days ago that these three words would go well on my kitchen wall (along with the "under words" I added).

Just finished it tonight while Philip is at the hospital waiting for a baby to be born

In other big news, we will be starting the adventure of Homeschooling this fall!   We recently decided to use the program, "Classical Conversations", and are delighted to be part of a group right here in our town with two of our friends!  Never heard of it?  Click here to find out more.


Rob said...

Caleb holding Philip maybe? Wait a minute, that's Philip holding Caleb!

Joia said...

Haha! Oops! Better fix that =)

Anonymous said...

Nice art! You should read the book, it is MUCH better than the movie.

Aunt Heather said...

I know a little of CC - sounds great. Glad you're doing it.

Mom W. said...

Oh, I just saw this post after my question about Homeschooling... so it is true!!

Alaina said...

We think y'all are awesome too!