Friday, June 8, 2012

All My Sisters, Etc.

Yesterday there was a girl's luncheon for the bridal party, the mothers of the bride and groom, aunts and all the sisters in law and nieces.   It was at a place called, Twigs, and had a Gorgeous outdoor garden area with a huge tent that we ate in.  Amazing!

Three generations

Caleb and his new cousin, Nathaniel

My sweet girl

Us together

The flower girl's table

Bethany's Aunt Kathy made awesome craft bags for all the girls!

This was a coloring book

Digging in

Moriah's cute bag

Getting busy

Stringing beads on her necklace

I love this girl so much!

Rebekah, Allene and Steph

Mothers of the Bride and Groom

My four sisters and I!

My mom with all her daughters

Bethany and the flower girls

My mom holding her newest grandson, Nathaniel, for the first time

Meanwhile the boys were off playing disc golf.  It was a great course, but not exactly stroller friendly.  This was the first time Keenan walked and played an entire 18 hole round all by himself.
 He also loved getting to go down in the river to fetch stray discs.
Suspiciously, they were often his.

 Tim had a pretty bad lie on this one.

 Did I mention it wasn't exactly stroller friendly?

 This one seemed to only be about 150 feet straight across to the pin but 250 feet if you had to go down into the valley.  Yes, this one was also a blast with the stroller.

That night the boys, minus Keenan and plus a few of Andrew's future in-laws went to Frankie's Fun Park for a night of go-karts, mini-golf and laser tag.

One of Bethany's brothers provided Andrew with his clothes for the night. 

Oh no, I'm being followed by a mountie! 

The slick track was certainly more interesting than the regular track.  It was very easy to end up sideways if not doing a full out 360.  After this was laser tag which Philip and the yellow team won. 

Apparently the RCMP spends so much time on riding horses that they don't learn how to play golf... 

...or maybe it's just a Canadian thing.

Actually Tim had decided that they would need to use a different part of the club with each hole which only lasted through 8 holes because we started to have a pile up of people behind us and had to get moving.


The Woodfords said...

I Love your pics! So glad we can all be spending time together!! Love ya! Steph (from over in 150). :)

Bruce Woodford said...

Me too! What a great looking bunch of girls and especially Nathaniel's Grandma!

Thanks for sharing pics of all the fun!

I wondered where Bethany was going with that Mountie outfit when she left here last time! Looks good on Andrew! What a hoot!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Skype in about an hour!

Lots of love, Dad