Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pool, etc...

Some more catching up with pictures:

While Jodi was in town, I got to see her four times!   Here are a couple pictures from when she was here for dinner the night before she left.

Easton and Caleb being cute together

Jodi and I with our babies (and Moriah)

We had a wonderful day as a family last Friday.   Philip and I had a great run along the water in the morning, then we set up the pool (yay!), the kids had a picnic, we ate on the deck, and got a lot accomplished!

Couple pictures from at the Landing the other night when we met up with the Pennys and Lathams...

My sweet girl by the water

I Love this picture of the two of us girls =)

Caleb up in the air

These two pictures of Spunky totally crack me up!   I was just randomly taking pictures of her and captured her with her tongue out and... "smiling"!

What a goof

How funny is this??

Caleb chillin' on the deck

Happy girl in the pool!

Keenan can touch now!

I made stir fry for dinner tonight.   I used broccoli, red peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini and spinach.  Aside from the broccoli, the kids don't like any of these (yet).    I put the stir fry in the food processor, ground it all up, mixed it with rice and added some chicken.  They ate it and loved it!

I'm so sneaky =)


Anonymous said...

nice to see pics of Jodi's little guy! He sure has her beautiful big brown eyes!

The Woodfords said...

Great idea about the blender! Our girls like lots of different veggies, but not in a stir fry for some reason - will definitely have to try this!! Love all the pics, and love you!!

Mom E said...

Oh my how that picture of Spunky smiling continues to just crack me up!! I loved seeing you and Jodi back together again and her little Easton is so adorable. The one of Caleb up in the air was cute...well, as always, they are all good. Hard to pic a favorite. Love, Mom

Mom W. said...

Yum, stir fry in any form!!

Spunky smiling - Really??? LOL