Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Philip's Hour at the Mall

I'm in D.C. for a couple of days for an Air Force meeting and needed to get a run in or Joia will totally smoke me by the time I get home.  I got on the Metro and went to about the only mall that I would willingly go to over and over again...

I started jogging after walking down to the Tidal Basin from the Metro station

From the Jefferson Memorial looking back over the Tidal Basin 

This is part of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial.  I have never been here before, and was surprised to see how extensive it was.  It just kept going and going...

...there are a quite a few different sections and a couple of waterfalls.

Here is the real reason I picked the running route around the south side of the Tidal Basin.  This is the brand new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial that just opened this year.  MLK Jr. is carved out of the "Stone of Hope" and you can see half of the "Mountain of Despair" in the background which are both quotes from his "I Have a Dream" speech.

 The wall around the back of the memorial is filled with quotes from his speeches.

 I walked for a bit from the MLK Jr. memorial until crossing the road.  I stopped for second to take a picture of the totally dry reflecting pond where they are doing a bunch of work.

 And of course old Abe was right behind me (which is of course where he was when MLK Jr. delivered the "I Have a Dream" speech from these very steps).

 Back to jogging where I passed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on my way to the Washington Monument.

 A few of Joia's country-fowl came by the route to cheer me on.

 Whew, made it to the WW2 Memorial.  Time for some more walking.

I sat down to take a break and watch some of the softball and kickball games taking place all over the mall.  During this break I called Joia from the base of the Washington Monument...

...and realized the White House was behind me before heading east again.

After crossing the road I finished my jog across from the Capitol.
(You can see a game in action in the foreground.)

 Of course, no nerd's trip to DC is complete without the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum...too bad they closed over an hour before I got there.

 Here is my ride pulling into the station to take me back to the hotel.

So there it is, now you too can see a ton of the DC landmarks in just over an hour.  Whew, after getting to my hotel at midnight last night, I'm worn out.  It's time to hit they hay.  Goodnight!


Joia said...

Sweet post! Good to see what you're up to, and I am sooo impressed with the gorgeous pictures you captured on your PHONE!! Way to go, Babe! =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

Very cool post Philip! I've got to admit I was surprised that you were excited enough about a trip to the mall to blog about it... I understand now though :)

Beautiful pictures.

See you (and Joia, and your cute kiddos soon!)

Mom said...

In true Philip-style there is a map! Love it. I agree; very impressive photos with your phone too! And hahaha about the only 'mall' you're excited to visit. Boy, don't I know that from first-hand experience! lol.
Yup, playing catch-up.
Love, Mom